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Entrepreneurial Spirit

University of Alberta: Alberta School of Business

The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta continually adapts and changes to ensure students are equipped to succeed in an ever-evolving business world.

After conducting market research, brand audit and branding focus groups, it was determined that a brand platform was required to position the school as the environment where entrepreneurs thrive.


The brand platform: “Change the way you do business” positions the school in line with its entrepreneurial values, while standing out from the status quo of conservative business school advertising.


The new messaging and refreshed execution of the brand invites the students to experience what the School offers and change the way they do business.


Photos by: Cooper & O'Hara


Municipal Climate Change Action Centre


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Visual Identity

Graphic Design



An Action Centre of Results

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) provides funding, technical assistance, and education to support Alberta municipalities in addressing climate change by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

After conducting qualitative and quantitative research with municipalities, a strategic visual identity and brand platform were developed.

The icon is a symbol of action and motivation. The drop-like shapes pointing in different directions represent the climate and the environment. The yellow band in the middle is the path between the two parts and together they create a spark-like shape to convey energy and action. The icon is encompassed in a circle to represent community and the earth.


A brand platform was developed to convey the value MCCAC offers.

The primary messaging for the Brand Platform is that MCCAC programs and initiatives provide financial benefits to municipalities. The secondary messaging is that MCCAC programs and initiatives lead to environmental benefits for municipalities.

Real Savings – save the environment and save money in the process.
Real Change – change the environment and get some change (money) in the process

MCCAC-Brochure-mockup copy.jpg
MCCCAC-BrandGuide-01 copy copy.jpg
MCCAC-ReportSpread01 copy.jpg

We also partnered with our friends from Kobot to design and develop a website that showcased MCCAC’s projects.

APEGA Annual Report


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Publication Design

Graphic Design


The Path Forward

APEGA's continual pursuit of excellence transforms our province into a better place.

For an astounding 99 years, APEGA has been monitoring and managing the work of engineers and geoscientists in our province. For APEGA, they must always be on the pulse, leading change and guiding the industry. They see the path forward.


The annual report cover features a large die cut of their logo symbol, pointing upward toward the horizon. The die cut cover reveals words that pique interest to open the report. Inside is a manifesto of what APEGA believes in.


Expressive bold type mixed with images, headline type and colour gradients embodies the fluid nature of the organization, making statements and creating visual interest.


The financial information is a mix of custom charts and highlights, celebrating a year of change and opportunity.


Beauty is Timeless


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Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines



A New Brand for Nakatsui DermaSurgery

Nakatsui DermaSurgery is a dermatological centre of excellence for cosmetic and medical services. A new visual identity was required to transition the DermaSurgery Centre to its new name.

Nakatsui DermaSurgery empowers clients to look and feel beautiful throughout every stage of life. The new logo was created with this in mind.

 The infinity symbol and continuous lines represent everlasting beauty. The symmetry reflects the perfect and harmonious beauty found in nature. 


The colour palette is soft and inviting, calling to mind feelings of calmness and serenity. The end result is a delicate yet empowering identity that Nakatsui DermaSurgery can use for years to come.


U of A: Faculty of Engineering


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Publication Design




Undergraduate Viewbook

The University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering was looking for a new undergraduate viewbook as a means to recruit more engineering students. In the past, math and science students were naturally drawn to the field of engineering. There was opportunity to tap into a new market of students– creative thinkers who can play a role in solving awe-inspiring challenges.

Starting from the cover, custom typographic design demands to be unravelled and solved. The convoluted shapes intrigue students who are inspired to solve problems.


The photography complements the design system. Photos were taken at interesting angles to create a visual consistency with the design while showing off parts of the university.


The centre fold contains perforated parts of an airplane that are to be constructed using only folding techniques and die cuts. Each part of the airplane signifies an important engineering discipline.


The viewbook positions engineering as a world changing discipline and diversifies the pool of engineer applicants. Response to the book has been overwhelming, resulting in a second printing and a great deal of interest from other university faculties.

Winner: Advertising Club of Edmonton ACE Award
Winner: Summit International Awards, Best of Category
Winner: 2019 CASE Award

Thanks again to you and your team for your incredible talent, insights, and dedication to helping us stand above the crowd. Bravo!
— Richard Cairney, Director of Communications & Marketing, Faculty of Engineering.

Arrai Innovations


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Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines


Renaming and branding. Welcome to Arrai Innovations

Since 1996, Emergence by Design has been solving business challenges by creating custom software for their clients. In 2018 Emergence asked the Met to create a new name and brand that reflected their company into the future.


We chose the word array as the central focus, since array refers to data in software, an array is an arrangement of objects, typically in rows and columns. Replacing the "y" with an "i" allowed for a technological and futuristic feel. The word innovations communicates the customization, adaptability and variation the business provides.


Using an isometric grid, a 3D logo was created to show possibility, competence and strength.

In the logo, the "A" shields the "I". Arrai Innovations is a trusted provider that looks out for their clients and helps companies get to the next level.


The Rubik's Cube-style image is playful and fun, and can be used in animations to show how each project is unique but shares similar characteristics. It also allows each member of the Arrai staff to have their own symbol.


The Met wrote the postioning line, Software for Success to clarify the business category and to help elevate their work beyond just custom software.


Royal Alexandra Hospital


What We Did




By the Heart, By the Numbers: Annual Report


The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation (RAHF) exists to improve the health of Albertans by raising funds and building community support for the Royal Alexandra Hospital and its medical centres of excellence.

Every year, the Foundation publishes a report to the community, where they share financial statements and profile the inspiring work and progress made at the hospital over the year. This year, the Foundation wanted a fresh, new and innovative way to tell their story.


By the Heart

By the Heart uses photography, inviting colours and heart-felt stories to show how the Hospital and centres have touched the lives of Albertans. The end result is an engaging and informative annual report that is fun to read and displays the complete picture.  The report shows not just the financial aspect of the Foundation, but how RAHF impacts lives in a very meaningful way.


By separating the number and heart section, we created two very different books in one report, showing how people and finances play an equally important role in creating better health care for Albertans.

This year’s Annual Report to the community is appropriately titled By the Heart, By the Numbers. We essentially created two books, each with its own cover and focus.


By the Numbers

By the Numbers communicates the milestones and accomplishments of the four medical centres of excellence. Bright colours, lively illustrations and clear charts make it easy for the reader to see the financial impact the hospital and centres have made for so many Albertans.

The end result is an engaging and informative annual report that is fun to read and displays the complete picture.  The report shows not just the financial aspect of the Foundation, but how RAHF impacts lives in a very meaningful way.

“The projects our organization has worked on with The Met have produced results that have gone above and beyond our expectations each and every time. From the kick-off meeting and brainstorming sessions, to the project management tasks and the final product we could not be happier.

The team at The Met is poised, creative and just an all-around great team to work with. They listen to our ideas and allow those ideas to inspire their own. They remain on-time, on-scope and on-budget while still producing knock it out of the park results. The proof is certainly in the pudding with this all-star team!”
— Lindsay Peddle, Director of Communications, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

Fashion with Compassion


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Print Collateral

Into the Unknown

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer she enters the unknown. Does she sink or does she surface. That is the strategic direction for this award winning event campaign. The power and influence of our client, Sorrentino's Compassion House on their guests—women traveling to Edmonton for cancer treatment, means women have a place of shelter from the storm. A safe place where they can get their treatment and be themselves. Where surfacing is experienced each and every day.

This idea became the defining direction of the 2017 installment of Syncrude presents Fashion with Compassion.

Vertical & Horizontal

Vertical & Horizontal



Type sets the tone of the event.

Hand generated type carries the sink/surface theme with the addition of the ripple, representing the difference one person can make in the lives of these women by supporting the cause and the event.


The campaign features three women, submerged in a bathtub surrounded by waves of colour.

These are not photoshopped women in water. They are real models in a milk based bath, with colour added to create a magical effect of motion, movement, and carrying the sink/surface strategy. The photos of the models won an ACE Award for our photographer Tina Chang.

Above is the teaser poster series, and below are postcard designs used by retailers and supporters to promote the event.


Video and event photos by: Cooper & O'Hara

Syncrude presents Fashion with Compassion is the signature fundraising event for Compassion House Foundation and Sorrentino’s Compassion House.

Each year we push our team to create something new, fresh and innovative. The Into the Unknown concept was a bold new direction for the event, connecting the realities of a woman’s journey to the overall theme of the event.
— Mellissa Kraft, Executive Director, Compassion House Foundation

Lois Hole Hospital for Women

lois hole banner.png

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Social Media

All Ages, All Stages

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women was well known, but not known well. Past campaigns for the hospital focused on raising funds for specific programs or equipment. They recognized the importance for raising the profile of the hospital, and educating the public on the services and facilities offered. The only hospital of its kind in Alberta, the Lois Hole Hospital for Women plays a vital role in the lives of women across the province, as well as neighbouring provinces.

All Ages, All Stages Awareness Video

The Met Agency team in partnership with Back Road Productions, developed a video, telling the story of a woman’s life from birth to adulthood. The video, loosly based on the children's book Love You Forever, showcases the various points where the hospital plays a role in a woman's life.

The award winning video went viral and has been viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook and has made countless people cry.


Social Media Carousel Ads

Photography focused ads placed on social media tell the story of various women living healthy, vibrant lives. The ads lead back to the Lois Hole Hospital landing page and further communicate the role the hospital plays.


Typography and Design

Typography and Design were used to further communicate the resilience of a woman who receives care at Lois Hole Hospital.  These designs were used on social media and on the website to further tell the story of Lois Hole Hospital.

Summer of the Dragon


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Graphic Design

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Komodo Dragons are serious business as the world’s largest lizard, growing to over 10 feet long and weighing in an impressive 150 lbs. These endangered species are extremely dangerous.


The Valley Zoo had special visitors for the summer of 2017 in the form of two female Komodo Dragons. In fact they have themed their visit as the Summer of the Dragon.

The visuals, including the billboards below, are a combination of lizard eyes from the Zoo's visual identity program, bold Komodo in type, and colours that are bright summer colours, with a dash of darkness to represent danger.


The radio spot, written by Dale Bochon, is in the style of Game of Thrones, with drama around the idea that dragons are real.


Safety Without Borders


What We Did

Conference Branding

Print Collateral

Storyboard Development

Video Production

An Anniversary + An Annual Conference

The 30th anniversary year for the Alberta Construction Safety Association is a year to celebrate accomplishments and focused on the future, ensuring safer workplaces for the next generation.


The Met created an identity for the 30th anniversary, a variety of print materials including a 30-year company timeline, conference and awards booklets, and the video below. As a true partner of the Met, the ACSA has collaborated on numerous new initiatives that change the way we talk about safety in our city, our province and our country.

Volunteer Alberta


What We Did



Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines

Energizing a Brand


Volunteer Alberta is evolving alongside our province. The organization provides essential resources and a network of connections to enhance community engagement and strengthen Alberta’s nonprofit sector. Their member organizations look to them for expert advice, guidance, as well as programs and services to enhance community engagement.

When we began talks with Volunteer Alberta at the beginning of this project, we had lengthy discussions about the overall direction they were moving the organization and what their goals were for the future. Based on these conversations we knew we needed to dig a little deeper. We conducted our Brand Story process on Volunteer Alberta’s board and staff members to gain insight into what makes the company tick, what it stands for, and where it is going in the future.

Research helped us determine that a new visual identity was required to reflect the following unique attributes:

  • Creative and innovative trendsetter

  • Relaxed and approachable, yet productive and effective

  • Promoter of a healthy and vibrant volunteer sector

  • Proactive responder of challenges using connections

  • Vibrant nerve centre of information and resources


The creative concept reflects the future focused organization. The letters V and A were formed using a single continuous line that symbolizes the connection of information and resources provided to members.

The colour palette exudes the energy Volunteer Alberta found throughout the rebrand process. With names like Energetic Orange, Warm Red and Deep Purple, the palette was chosen to reflect the vibrant and forward-thinking nature of Volunteer Alberta.


The end result of this project has left Volunteer Alberta with the resources they need to continue doing great things for our province. Get ready to see this logo on everything. We mean everything.

Working with The Met Agency was a transformative experience for Volunteer Alberta. They helped us realize that we needed to change more than our ‘look’ – we needed to change the way we work. The brand they created helped us to see ourselves in a different light and the process they guided us through led us to adapt our organization to show up and serve Alberta in a dynamic way.
— Katherine Topolniski, Creative Director at Volunteer Alberta

Constructing a Powerful Brand


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Research & Strategy


Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines


A Colourful Rebrand for Alberta Construction & Safety Association


The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) provides safety advice and education for individuals and organizations within the construction industry.

The logo for the ACSA, which had not been changed in almost 30 years, was out of date and did not accurately express the values and mission of the organization moving forward.


Our goal was to build a brand for ACSA that communicated their purpose with boldness and clarity.

Through focus groups and discussions with ACSA members, we hammered out the key messages and designed a blueprint that would inform the new image of the organization.

The video below shows how the key elements and values influenced the new identity for ACSA.Watch the video below. 


The new image is a reminder of the leadership that ACSA promotes. It is a leadership that provides quality education and empowers people to make construction workplaces safer.


The best part? The ACSA brand provides a solid foundation that can be built on for years to come.

The ACSA would not have been able to complete this rebranding project were it not for the commitment and professionalism of the team at The Met Agency. The team was responsive, action-oriented, and always personable; they never failed us.
— Michael Hogan, Marketing, Communications & Reputation at the ACSA

In Good Taste


What We Did

Campaign Development


Research & Strategy

Brand & Visuals

Billboard Campaign for Edmonton City Centre


How do you get people excited about renovations and detours at their favourite shopping centre? You take unexpected ingredients, create a delicious recipe and tempt them with what is to come.

When The Met Agency was approached to help with the new food court in Edmonton City Centre, our first job was to name the location. The name had to reflect the changes that were occurring. First off, the food kiosks were moving from the basement of the mall to the 3rd floor. In addition to the move, Edmonton City Centre was bringing in the top 11 restaurants for the new food court. Out of these changes, Elevate Food Fare was born. The name meaning was two fold: it showed the transition to the upper level of the mall, and it referenced the quality restaurants.


Our second job was to develop a campaign around Elevate Food Fare while not losing sight of the retail items offered at the mall.

We chose to have the food act as the framework, replacing the main ingredients of the dish with retail items, mimicking the colour and shape of the food item being represented.

The Met Agency team was highly creative and innovative during this project to launch our brand new food court in Edmonton City Centre. From the naming of Elevate Food Fare, to the logo that was created to the compelling ‘In Good Taste’ campaign to promote the food court as well as our retailers within the mall, not a detail was missed.
— Zaina Yusuf, Marketing Manager

Compass Wellness Centre


What We Did


Naming & Strategy


Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines



New Name New Brand

OPTIONS Sexual Health Association was struggling to fully embrace their identity after a rebranding in 2009. The name didn’t resonate with all of the staff, and the public often confused them with other organizations such as Woman’s Health Options. If they were going to go through the process again they wanted a partner that would include them on the journey of coming up with a new name, so employees would feel a connection to it. We met with OPTIONS to discuss the project, and it just so happened we had a process in place for rebranding that was a perfect fit.


We took OPTIONS through our Brand Story Process. Through this process we were able to create open discussion and dig deep into the core elements of their brand. The insights gained through this process enabled us, and them, to better understand their purpose: to help clients navigate unknown territory. They do not tell a person which direction they should go. Instead they equip individuals with tools and knowledge to explore potential paths without fear of judgment.

Names were presented to the client and we had extensive discussions to make sure the most appropriate one was chosen. After proper consideration, the name was selected: OPTIONS Sexual Health Association would rebrand to Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness.


Once we had the visual identity finalized, we began designing all of the collateral to go along with it. From business cards to a new website, we provided Compass Centre with all of the tools needed for their organization to embrace the new name. We also had the opportunity to design a timeline of the organization’s history, which we animated as a video that was played during their launch party.

We are so thankful to Compass Centre for letting us play a part in this new phase of their organization. And a big thanks goes out to Pixel Army who we partnered with on the web development. They believe in partnerships just as much as we do and it contributed to making the process, and the website itself, a success.

I am not only pleased with the creative energy [The Met Agency] have provided throughout the process but more importantly they understand the nature of non-profit organizations and the challenges we face in finding the right balance between a new identity that represents our future, while still respecting our history in the community. As one of our staff commented early in the process, “we trust The Met Agency for they really understand the work we do and are able to translate that into a creative vision for our future success.
— Toby Rabinovitz, Executive Director



Types of Logos





A logo is a trust mark

A logo, or visual identity, helps build a powerful relationship between a company, its staff, customers, products and services. This type of work takes a great deal of process, research and insight to get it right.

We have had the pleasure of creating logos for private schools, universities, retailers, not for profits, healthcare, government, professional associations and more. We've even had the additional privilege of naming companies like Transcend Coffee, Elevate Food Fare and Compass Centre.

Here are samples of logos we have created.