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Billboard Campaign for Edmonton City Centre


How do you get people excited about renovations and detours at their favourite shopping centre? You take unexpected ingredients, create a delicious recipe and tempt them with what is to come.

When The Met Agency was approached to help with the new food court in Edmonton City Centre, our first job was to name the location. The name had to reflect the changes that were occurring. First off, the food kiosks were moving from the basement of the mall to the 3rd floor. In addition to the move, Edmonton City Centre was bringing in the top 11 restaurants for the new food court. Out of these changes, Elevate Food Fare was born. The name meaning was two fold: it showed the transition to the upper level of the mall, and it referenced the quality restaurants.


Our second job was to develop a campaign around Elevate Food Fare while not losing sight of the retail items offered at the mall.

We chose to have the food act as the framework, replacing the main ingredients of the dish with retail items, mimicking the colour and shape of the food item being represented.

The Met Agency team was highly creative and innovative during this project to launch our brand new food court in Edmonton City Centre. From the naming of Elevate Food Fare, to the logo that was created to the compelling ‘In Good Taste’ campaign to promote the food court as well as our retailers within the mall, not a detail was missed.
— Zaina Yusuf, Marketing Manager