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Renaming and branding. Welcome to Arrai Innovations

Since 1996, Emergence by Design has been solving business challenges by creating custom software for their clients. In 2018 Emergence asked the Met to create a new name and brand that reflected their company into the future.


We chose the word array as the central focus, since array refers to data in software, an array is an arrangement of objects, typically in rows and columns. Replacing the "y" with an "i" allowed for a technological and futuristic feel. The word innovations communicates the customization, adaptability and variation the business provides.


Using an isometric grid, a 3D logo was created to show possibility, competence and strength.

In the logo, the "A" shields the "I". Arrai Innovations is a trusted provider that looks out for their clients and helps companies get to the next level.


The Rubik's Cube-style image is playful and fun, and can be used in animations to show how each project is unique but shares similar characteristics. It also allows each member of the Arrai staff to have their own symbol.


The Met wrote the postioning line, Software for Success to clarify the business category and to help elevate their work beyond just custom software.