Municipal Climate Change Action Centre


What We Did


Visual Identity

Graphic Design



An Action Centre of Results

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) provides funding, technical assistance, and education to support Alberta municipalities in addressing climate change by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

After conducting qualitative and quantitative research with municipalities, a strategic visual identity and brand platform were developed.

The icon is a symbol of action and motivation. The drop-like shapes pointing in different directions represent the climate and the environment. The yellow band in the middle is the path between the two parts and together they create a spark-like shape to convey energy and action. The icon is encompassed in a circle to represent community and the earth.


A brand platform was developed to convey the value MCCAC offers.

The primary messaging for the Brand Platform is that MCCAC programs and initiatives provide financial benefits to municipalities. The secondary messaging is that MCCAC programs and initiatives lead to environmental benefits for municipalities.

Real Savings – save the environment and save money in the process.
Real Change – change the environment and get some change (money) in the process

MCCAC-Brochure-mockup copy.jpg
MCCCAC-BrandGuide-01 copy copy.jpg
MCCAC-ReportSpread01 copy.jpg

We also partnered with our friends from Kobot to design and develop a website that showcased MCCAC’s projects.