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Energizing a Brand


Volunteer Alberta is evolving alongside our province. The organization provides essential resources and a network of connections to enhance community engagement and strengthen Alberta’s nonprofit sector. Their member organizations look to them for expert advice, guidance, as well as programs and services to enhance community engagement.

When we began talks with Volunteer Alberta at the beginning of this project, we had lengthy discussions about the overall direction they were moving the organization and what their goals were for the future. Based on these conversations we knew we needed to dig a little deeper. We conducted our Brand Story process on Volunteer Alberta’s board and staff members to gain insight into what makes the company tick, what it stands for, and where it is going in the future.

Research helped us determine that a new visual identity was required to reflect the following unique attributes:

  • Creative and innovative trendsetter

  • Relaxed and approachable, yet productive and effective

  • Promoter of a healthy and vibrant volunteer sector

  • Proactive responder of challenges using connections

  • Vibrant nerve centre of information and resources


The creative concept reflects the future focused organization. The letters V and A were formed using a single continuous line that symbolizes the connection of information and resources provided to members.

The colour palette exudes the energy Volunteer Alberta found throughout the rebrand process. With names like Energetic Orange, Warm Red and Deep Purple, the palette was chosen to reflect the vibrant and forward-thinking nature of Volunteer Alberta.


The end result of this project has left Volunteer Alberta with the resources they need to continue doing great things for our province. Get ready to see this logo on everything. We mean everything.

Working with The Met Agency was a transformative experience for Volunteer Alberta. They helped us realize that we needed to change more than our ‘look’ – we needed to change the way we work. The brand they created helped us to see ourselves in a different light and the process they guided us through led us to adapt our organization to show up and serve Alberta in a dynamic way.
— Katherine Topolniski, Creative Director at Volunteer Alberta