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CapitalCare Foundation: Something's Missing


How do you develop a campaign that helps raise funds for 12 different facilities, each with very specific requests for help?

You create a strategy around customization.

The Met Agency developed the Something's Missing campaign, a set of customized, low budget posters that 12 different CapitalCare facilities could use to promote their unique needs. The Missing poster was a send up to the missing cat-style poster, with copy that keeps the style consistent, including Last Seen and a reward.

The poster series were hung in the areas where the object they require would live. So a chair in a sitting room or a piano in the music room.

Visitors could envision the object in its environment.

The Met Agency has a long-standing relationship with CapitalCare Foundation. The Foundation supports over 1400 seniors living in CapitalCare facilities across Edmonton.

During our time with CapitalCare Foundation, we have worked on a variety of projects with their team. Some projects include design of a new website, development of the Did You Know capital campaign branding and platform and event branding for the Feast on the Field event.
— Sherry Schaefer, Director of Fundraising and Donor Relations