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OPTIONS Sexual Health Association was struggling to fully embrace their identity after a rebranding in 2009. The name didn’t resonate with all of the staff, and the public often confused them with other organizations such as Woman’s Health Options. If they were going to go through the process again they wanted a partner that would include them on the journey of coming up with a new name, so employees would feel a connection to it. We met with OPTIONS to discuss the project, and it just so happened we had a process in place for rebranding that was a perfect fit.


We took OPTIONS through our Brand Story Process. Through this process we were able to create open discussion and dig deep into the core elements of their brand. The insights gained through this process enabled us, and them, to better understand their purpose: to help clients navigate unknown territory. They do not tell a person which direction they should go. Instead they equip individuals with tools and knowledge to explore potential paths without fear of judgment.

Names were presented to the client and we had extensive discussions to make sure the most appropriate one was chosen. After proper consideration, the name was selected: OPTIONS Sexual Health Association would rebrand to Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness.


Once we had the visual identity finalized, we began designing all of the collateral to go along with it. From business cards to a new website, we provided Compass Centre with all of the tools needed for their organization to embrace the new name. We also had the opportunity to design a timeline of the organization’s history, which we animated as a video that was played during their launch party.

We are so thankful to Compass Centre for letting us play a part in this new phase of their organization. And a big thanks goes out to Pixel Army who we partnered with on the web development. They believe in partnerships just as much as we do and it contributed to making the process, and the website itself, a success.

I am not only pleased with the creative energy [The Met Agency] have provided throughout the process but more importantly they understand the nature of non-profit organizations and the challenges we face in finding the right balance between a new identity that represents our future, while still respecting our history in the community. As one of our staff commented early in the process, “we trust The Met Agency for they really understand the work we do and are able to translate that into a creative vision for our future success.
— Toby Rabinovitz, Executive Director