36 Days of Stress, Sketching and Creating


The design team recently took on the 36 Days of Type project on social media—Instagram to be exact. We quickly discovered that creating something every day for social media requires teamwork, determination and planning.

In order to tackle this feat, we divided up the challenge between the three designers here at The Met. Each of us developed a theme for our designated letters: the Golden Age of Hollywood movies, 3D rendering and collaging.

Since these themes are very different from one another, we settled on a colour palette that would tie the series together.

It was a fun challenge (we even got featured once on the official 36 Days of Type Instagram account!) At the end of the day, we’re glad we made it to the finish line. We learned a lot about our process, communication and gained some new skills along the way.

Check out the full gallery of our 36 Days of Type below👇