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You Can’t Automate Creativity (Yet)


A friend of mine who has run with the giants of big tech companies and is involved in the TV series Mr. Robot said something quite profound in our last meeting. In essence, everything is being automated. From driving cars to ordering paper towel, the tech folks are busy at work making our lives easier, or lazier (which is what I personally think, but don’t let me get in the way of progress).

What he did say was you can’t automate creativity. At least not yet. He went on to say anyone could follow the tech trends. While technology can do many things, at the end of the day you can’t use a piece of software to create a strong, strategic idea and develop a powerful creative answer.

As I watch graphic design firms wanting to become advertising agencies, and advertising agencies wanting to be digital, it opens up a very interesting place for a company like ours to focus on creativity. Thinking back to the show Mad Men, I was reminded about how strategic creative ideas were king.  Like this moment that makes you smile and breaks your heart simultaneously.

It brings me back to why I love the industry. Creativity. Great ideas. Smart people. Faithful execution. The right medium. Success. That means the idea is king, and the execution can be added into the world of automation. The magic.

Here an example of our recent work with the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, directed and produced by Back Roads Productions. It is a video based on the popular children’s book Love You Forever. It is not just a video about a hospital. No, it is a video about our lives. Love. Loss. Growth. And it reminds us that there is a hospital for women as they live their lives. This idea became a very powerful tool, and it has been viewed on Facebook over 100,000 times.

As we enter year 12 we are busily developing a new Met brand that reflects our vision of the future, where imagination and inspiration enhance automation and mechanization. Where standing out from the crowd takes great strategy and great thinking. Where we can move from good ideas to great ideas. This is a very exciting place to be.